Travel Beauty Hacks!

So, I’d gotten sample of Peter Roth’s Viz1000 serum which I loved and used up. But as a poor graduate student, I can’t really afford $65 serums on a regular basis. So I replaced it with the Hado Labo Lotion which I love, and may become a holy grail item for me. In this recovery from dry, flaky skin, it was able to cut out a lot of extra steps that I was doing to add more emergency moisture to my poor skin.

(Read: I tried a lot of the IOPE Super Vital line, because I got it in a sample set for $6 from RRS. I pretty much hate all of that line because it’s so heavily fragranced. It might give me baby soft skin straight from bathing in unicorn water from pristine mountain springs, but I still wouldn’t use it. About the only thing I like from that product line was the eye cream.)

But I digress. Once that lovely bottle was done, I looked at it closely. It was such a perfect travel size that I hated to waste it. Plus, who hasn’t had those emergency needs for moisture to treat dry, patch, flaky skin? Okay, so maybe I’m the only one with that problem, but nothing works best like more moisture for me. Then I remembered someone’s hack of a compact (which I can’t find where they posted it) and used it to make their own custom artwork inside. I thought that was brilliant and scraped at the lettering on the side of the serum bottle. Sure enough, it started to flake off. While I was waiting for my snail gel cream to dry, I grabbed a cotton ball and soaked it with acetone. I unscrewed the top of the bottle and set it someplace clean. Then I scrubbed the lettering off the side of the bottle using the acetone-soaked cotton ball. Lo and behold, my new travel bottle!


I’ve cleaned out the inside and refilled it with the Hado Labo lotion. Now I can a lovely spot of lotion wherever I need to go! The bottle’s scarcely 3 inches tall, and holds less than 2 ounces, so it’s perfect for all my travel needs. You can bet I’ll be doing this with the Truth Serum sample bottles when they run out.

Got any favorite beauty hacks?


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