Move over Lolita!

I am obsessed with lip products. This is because I can’t go anywhere without at least 2 -3 lip products to keep my poor, wide lips moisturized. I am the kind of person that if I forget to put on chapstick/lipbalm/lipstick on my lips, they will dry out, peel, crack, and bleed in the space of a few hours. I’m not kidding. Winter is not good for me for so many reasons – that dry air makes the simple act of smiling painful. (Please don’t tell me to drink more water. It doesn’t help. I’ll drink so much water to the point that I’m peeing every 1-2 hours and my lips still crack and bleed without a product to seal in moisture. I will shoot out of bed at 3 am because I need to pee because I drank a gallon of water that day, and STILL wake up with dry lips at 7 am.) Because of my biological need to protect my lips, I am on a constant hunt for the next best lip product. That said, I hopped on a terrible trend train – the matte lipcolor, notorious for its drying properties. Here’s what I have that are currently matte lipsticks.


Next are the individual swatches on plain white paper (not my wrist, because, well, you saw what it looks like right now.)

From bottom left to top right: EHRT  After Blossom, KVD Lolita, EHRT Tea Rose.  Next, a composite photo of what they look like on me (and my NC40-42 skin, MAC Studio Fix foundation). Photos were taken in the bathroom with CFL lights and a window.

I love, love, love the way Tea Rose looks and feels. It’s only a few shades off from my natural lip color. I love the coral pink tones that appear in the swatch on white paper. I love the warm tint to it. I look best in warm tones, so yeah, I will naturally gravitate to warm lip colors. Lolita looks kind of dull and grey on me sometimes, given the warm tones of my skin. It’s a cool-toned, natural rose color, which is something I don’t have much of in my lip color collection. That said, Etude House’s Rosy Tint blows Kat Von D out of the water. I’ve been wearing the EHRT Tea Rose for 3 hours now, and my lips are not dried out or flaky. I cannot say the same for KVD, which dries out my lips and starts to flake in about an hour of wear. It’s not a fluke either, EHRT is just more moisturizing than KVD – two days running, several hours at a time. Of course both brands  wipe off – unless you get one of those 12 or 16 hour lipstains, everything wipes off. (I have a hefty collection of the 12 hour lip stains from Maybelline and Covergirl because I am a lazy makeup person. I really hate having to apply lip color more than 3 times in one day. Realistically in the lab, I may not be able to get to my purse because of an intensive procedure. If I’m wearing something, that shit needs to stay on my face. But I’m reviewing Etude House’s Rosy Tints, so I’d best stop digressing.)

I was a tiny bit disappointed on the scent from EHRTs, but that may be due more to my horrible sense of smell. If I had to describe the scent of After Blossom, it’s a floral fragrance with a hint of rose. Tea Rose has a more classic rose scent to it. Both scents are very, very faint to me. Colorwise, I love Tea Rose way more than After Blossom. After Blossom is an in-your-face red, with fuchsia undertones. It’d be great for a red lips vintage look, but it’s not an every day look for me. Tea Rose would be my favorite for an every day. natural rosy lip color, followed by KVD. That said, my new holy grail lip color is Etude House Rosy Tint #7 Tea Rose because it combines my favorite rose scent with a moisturizing, matte lip color that is natural looking enough for me to wear every day.  I bought both EHRT colors through Amazon, but I believe they are available on as well.

Also, I need to give props to Skinfood Black Sugar Cleansing Water for easily removing all the lip colors so I could take photos of the products on me. It’s in my list of things I’m testing along with Mamonde Rose Honey Sleeping Mask, so check back in a week or two to see what I think of them.

If these images were not large enough for you, here’s a link to my imgur album so you can see them full-sized.



3 thoughts on “Move over Lolita!

    1. I will keep an eye out for them. I usually keep Burt’s Beeswax on hand at all times, but I’m currently loving this generic chocolate lip balm I got that’s supposedly enriched with vitamins A, C, and E. All I know is it feels nice.


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