Sheet masks!

It occurs to me that I have not been very good about recording what sheet masks I’ve tried out. While my  local TJMaxx did not stock popular AB brands like My Beauty Diary or Naisture or Leaders, they did have a crap ton of other brands I’d never heard of like Global Beauty Care. (I bought their Vitamin C and Retinol masks because 5 mask for $5? Good ingredient list with nothing rated higher than a 1? YES PLEASE!) I even bought dry cotton sheet masks from Amazon so I can add a dry mask to the packet and sometimes get a dual use out of them.

That said, it made me think of what masks I had tried and liked. The list is longer than I thought it would be:

  • Sephora Collection Face Mask in Green Tea – The gateway mask. Yes, it’s expensive compared to Innisfree, Tony Moly, and a host of other Asian brands that aren’t always there when I walk into a store. But it’s what got me started. The mask felt nice, it soothed my skin a little and my skin didn’t look as shiny to me the next day. So I went back and bought….
  • Tony Moly I’m Real Rice Face Sheet Mask – Eh. I have very little memories of when I bought this mask from Sephora two months ago. It was nice, it didn’t break me out. I probably used it to calm my skin down after something irritated me. But nothing remarkable.
  • Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Tea Tree – Tea tree and Green Tea are just wonderfully soothing ingredients for me, especially when my skin gets irritated. My skin seems to get irritated a lot these days. I’d buy this again. My only regret is there’s not enough essence in the package to do a second mask comfortably.
  • Tony Moly I’m Real Tea Tree Face Sheet Mask – Yes, there’s a theme in my sheet masks. I like green tea and tea tree for their soothing, anti-oxidant, skin-calming properties. I bought it through Sephora, I’d probably buy it again through Amazon, Jolse, or RoseRoseShop because of better prices and how regularly I use tea masks. FWIW, Tony Moly includes enough extra essence in their packets for me to use a second mask.
  • My Beauty Diary Mask Apple Polyphenol – Hello one of my holy grail masks! It soothes my skin after a break out/reaction – I could visibly see that the bumps on my face had reduced swelling after I used this mask on the same day. My face looked better the next day because the angry bumps were going down. It also smells faintly of apples, delicious. There’s also enough essence (23 g!) for me to easily get two uses out of one pack when I add a dry sheet mask.
  • Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Full Face Mask Sheet – Rose – Really, I got this because I love the scent of roses. Product did deliver, smells like roses. Moistens skin. It’s neither amazing nor horrible. We’ll see what I think after more than 2 tries.
  • Benton Snail Bee High Content Sheet Mask – When RoseRoseShop sent me a sample, I was glad because I saw how everyone raved about Benton’s snail product line. I wanted to know what the hype was, but wasn’t willing to shell out the cash. OMG, it calmed my skin down amazingly after my unfortunate reaction. Angry bumps were practically gone the morning after I used the sheet mask. I use sheet masks almost exclusively at night because I really do not have an extra 30 minutes in the morning to sit around with a sheet mask. About the only downside to this mask is that it only comes with 20 g of essence per mask, so it’s not really enough to get a second use out of it.
  • Sephora Collection Eye Mask Lingzhi Eye Mask – Eh. I wanted to try eye masks, they were there, I was not thrilled. It was fun, it moisturized, but that was it. Probably won’t buy again.

Side note – I am able to track what masks I’ve tried based on all the stores that track my purchases. Sephora, Amazon, RoseRoseShop, I’m looking at you. Data sources are so interesting, it makes me wonder what you could do with them. Like, people who buy tea tree or green tea masks along with banila co cleanser – probably sensitive skin, perhaps I should include a benton snail sheet mask sample…

I also have a collection of sheet masks waiting for me to try them out.

  • Skinfood Every Day Facial Sheet Mask in Green Tea
  • Etude House I Need You Tea Tree Mask Sheet
  • Dr. Jart Water Fuse Water-full Hydrogel Mask
  • Global Beauty Care Premium Retinol Spa Treatment Masks
  • Global Beauty Care Premium – Vitamin C Spa Treatment Masks

2 thoughts on “Sheet masks!

  1. Ah, I really want to try the My Beauty Diary masks, but there’s SO many different kinds…it’s overwhelming…I don’t know which type to pick!


    1. It depends on what you want the mask to do. I’d pick a mask based on my skin care concerns. I usually want a mask that will soothe my skin, help me get a matte look, and moisturize, so I gravitate towards tea tree and green tea masks, and the Apple MBD masks.


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