Konjac Cake?

So, while at my local TJMaxx, a discount department store, I found a plethora of asian beauty products such as Naisture and Leaders Insolution sheet masks. This also included a konjac sponge, which everyone seems to rave about. The sponge is supposed to be good for gentle, daily exfoliation as well as anti-bacterial properties, neither … More Konjac Cake?

A mini-rant on the need for crittical thinking

So, I was looking into micellar water because I noticed the angry bumps on my skin haven’t exactly been happy with my cleansing routine lately. (This is probably more related to not changing the pillow cases on a regular basis, as my significant other is also┬áprone to these breakouts.) I noticed that certain portions of … More A mini-rant on the need for crittical thinking