Things I should avoid

As someone with sensitive skin, it’s good to know what triggers it. That’s the whole reason I started this blog – what works, what doesn’t, and why. And if it helps other people, cool! Based off my misadventures, the list so far of ingredients that should be a warning for me include:

  • isopropyl myristate (5/5 acne)
  • lauric acid (4/5 acne)
  • myristic acid (3/5 acne)
  • Buxus Chinesis oil (2/5 acne) ?
  • stearic acid (2/5) ?
  • hexylene glycol (2/5 acne, 1/5 irritant)
  • Olive oil derivatives?

Ones that have a ? next to it are things that aren’t rated high enough for me to really worry, but if I try something and it has that ingredient, AND I break out? That questionable item is out the window, and I’ll know for a fact it’s an acne trigger for me.


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