Konjac Cake?

So, while at my local TJMaxx, a discount department store, I found a plethora of asian beauty products such as Naisture and Leaders Insolution sheet masks. This also included a konjac sponge, which everyone seems to rave about. The sponge is supposed to be good for gentle, daily exfoliation as well as anti-bacterial properties, neither of which I have researched. I mean, ever since I started using the sponge, I’ve noticed my skin is much less irritated with me because I can’t over scrub my face with it. I’m much more concerned with it’s disturbing resemblance to food. In particular, a Filipino desert called puto, which is a rice cake. It’s one of my favorite deserts, because it’s a deliciously light and sweet rice cake.

In this next photo is the wet Konjac sponge. Notice the distinct resemblance of textures. Every morning, I see the sponge.

Just in case the resemblance wasn’t close enough, they also make puto  konjac sponges in a round, cake-like format. I’ve spliced them together so you can understand the depths of my confusion.

Every. Damn. Time. I see that sponge, I want puto. I do not live in a city large enough to have a filipino bakery. I don’t know how to cook puto. But now my konjac sponge reminds me daily of my my desire for flipino foods. I just hope I never actually try to eat it, because I’m sure I’ll be disappointed.


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